Friday, May 22, 2009


A picture can paint a thousand words. True enough, a single image of a certain subject may be interpreted in various ways by the person who views it. Furthermore, memories are best given justice and treasured through pictures. That's the reason why we have albums and scrapbooks whether physically felt or showcased on the Internet gateway. No wonder why, photo hosting sites are popular nowadays.

With that said "Wacky Photo" is a site where everyone, photographers or not, can showcase their snapshot talents and abilities. We don't require one to be a professional cameraman or camerawoman. If you have your camera, DSLR or digital, and gadgets that can capture images, then you are most welcome to contribute some photos or share your comment or two. Your presence is highly valuable and will be greatly appreciated.

As you might notice, the blog is named "Wacky Photo". We all know how to define what a photo is and perhaps the word wacky too. Just a little enlightenment for those who might drop its definition, wacky is often associated with the word foolishness. Bottom line is, it makes us smile, giggle and laugh. Though there can be a wide array of subjects to be captured around us, we would be asking for your wacky picture contributions. For instance, this can be an animal whose current action when engraved in an image looks fun or perhaps an event of foolishness that you might want to share. Rest assured we will not own the right of the picture and you can even insert your watermarks, captions and even name so as to prove that its yours.

Laughter after all is the best medicine. And pictures are good avenues for different assessments. When combined, I'm sure it would give viewers and contributors alike a blast of fun. So if you've got some of those wacky photos, feel free to email me with the attached image at rmocorro [at] gmail dot com. Spread the fun with your pictures.

So what are you waiting for, seize that funny moment and share it with the world. Happy camera clicking!


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